Who We Are

Patria Bank is a Romanian bank that offers products and services to all Romanians through four specialized divisions: Retail, Micro Businesses (micro enterprises), SMEs and Agribusinesses.

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Our History in Brief

Patria Bank is a Romanian bank established in 1993 as Romexterra Bank. Later it changed its name to Nextebank. On April 30, 2014 the private equity fund Emerging Europe Accession Fund (EEAF) became the majority shareholder of the bank. This change also brought about the launch of the new brand under which the bank has been operating since March 2016: Patria Bank.

In the spring of 2016 we acquired a majority stake of over 60% in “Banca Comerciala Carpatica” and we started the merger process between the two banks. “Banca Comerciala Carpatica” was established in 1999 in Sibiu and since April 26, 2005 its shares had been listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Premium Category. Its shares were included in the BETPlus, BET-XT, BET-XT-TR and BET-BK indices.

As a result of the merger, as of May 1, 2017 the two banks became one bigger and stronger bank. The new Patria Bank continues to be listed in the Premium category of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The majority shareholder of the Patria Bank Group is the private equity fund Emerging Europe Accession Fund (EEAF), whose main investors are major reputed financial institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Investment Fund (EIF) and other major European institutions.

Companies in the Patria Group

Besides Patria Bank, the Patria Group also includes:

  • Patria Credit IFN – company with experience and expertise in microfinance, European funds and financial products dedicated to agribusinesses: www.patriacredit.ro 

  • Patria Asset Management – company specialized in investment management:  www.patriafonduri.ro

Our Services

Patria Bank offers products and services to all Romanians through four specialized divisions: Retail, Micro Businesses (micro enterprises), SMEs and Agribusinesses.


The Retail Division aims to provide access to banking services and products to as many Romanian citizens as possible. It offers a full range of simple, accessible and practical services and products.

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Micro Businesses (micro enterprises)

The Micro Business Division (micro enterprises) serves micro and small enterprises, regardless of their legal structure and line of business, with a turnover of up to one million euro. The key characteristics of this team and its products and services are experience, speed, effectiveness and flexibility.

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The SME Division meets the needs of small and medium enterprises with a turnover above one million euro, regardless of their line of business.

The experience and professionalism of Patria SMEs Client Banking Advisors turn the products and services made available to entrepreneurs from financial instruments to development instruments.

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Patria AGRI Client Banking Advisors are literally on the side of entrepreneurs in the agricultural business – in the fields or in farms.

The Agri Division meets the needs of entrepreneurs in the agricultural business with solutions that can be accessed easily and swiftly. It brings over nine years of experience in funding agribusinesses (Patria Bank specialists consulted with over 6,000 companies).

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Patria Bank Mission

In Romania only half of the population has access to banking services. Patria Bank intends to change these statistics over time and to help build a better future for all Romanian citizens by facilitating access to simple, quality banking services.

We strive to facilitate the wide access of everyone to modern financial-banking services, for the progress of banking penetration in Romania, while supporting Romanian entrepreneurship through personalized, prompt and favorable solutions, with the final goal of maximizing our financial performance in order to generate profit for our shareholders.

Our direct permanent contact with customers helps us gain a deep understanding of their needs. We use our professional experience to advise and serve them in a committed, responsible manner. We aim to provide them with personalized solutions and we are on their side step-by-step.

We honor our commitment to small entrepreneurs in local communities in Romania and we constantly seek for solutions to provide development opportunities that go beyond mere funding.

The Patria team promises its customers:

  • To assist our customers and be on their side step-by-step, when and where they need our support
  • To help our customers make the best responsible decisions by providing them the tools, advice and information they need
  • To develop simple, user-friendly services
  • To strive to be better and better at what we do

Our Values

The activity of Patria Bank is inspired by people in general and by responsible hard-working Romanians in particular.

We put professional integrity and ethics above anything else and we believe that success can be achieved only through an approach based on responsibility, flexibility and the willingness to put people before documents.

We have a set of values that define our activity and show to our partners and the general public the behavior that can be expected from us:


With patience, dedication, attention and openness to understand the needs of our customers, we put our professional competencies at their disposal in order to help them make informed and effective decisions. Additionally we are on their side at any moment of our relationship.


We are open — we tailor our services in order to always find the right solutions for every customer. We try to understand and meet every financial need of our customers and this helps us grow and be increasingly helpful to them.


We represent the interests of our company, we abide by the rules of the financial – banking sector and we comply with the current laws. We are aware of the fact that our decisions affect both the owners of our company and our customers’ lives and communities.


Our entrepreneurial spirit helps us see existing opportunities and seize them. We are dynamic, which helps us to be competitive. At Patria Bank ideas and their implementation make a difference.


We care about our projects from the beginning to the end and we commit ourselves to always make available tailor-made solutions for our customers, helping them to make their plans come true.

Our behavior:

  • We are mature, realistic and well grounded
  • We have entrepreneurial spirit in our DNA, which brings us energy and creativity
  • We are open and adaptable in any situation
  • We are direct, honest and wise
  • We are empathetic and we care about every customer, partner or project in which we decide to get involved

Patria Bank Identity

The visual expression of the Patria brand derives from Romanian folk art visual elements and it supports both the representation of the name of the Patria company and the company’s commitment to small entrepreneurs in local communities in Romania.

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