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Foreign exchange rates

Consult the exchange rates in Euro or in other currencies avalaible at Patria Bank!

Are you looking for a currency exchange? Check out the Patria Bank exchange rates and benefit from an attractive offer! You can compare the EURO exchange rate or other currencies considering the NBR rates and the exchange rates offers available in the Patria Bank branches (at tha counter) or through internet banking.

You definitely want to know to what extent it benefits you to exchange money, depending on today's exchange rate and the amount you want to convert. The Patria Bank exchange rates calculator helps you quickly calculate amounts and choose the exchange rate or currency that suits you best.

EUR 4.8456 5.0126 4.9255
USD 4.4453 4.7277 4.5904
GBP 5.4263 5.7854 5.6013
CHF 4.8206 5.1643 4.9881
HUF 0.0123 0.0133 0.0127
EUR 4.8685 4.9898 4.9255
USD 4.4852 4.6869 4.5904
GBP 5.4742 5.7363 5.6013
CHF 4.8619 5.1217 4.9881
HUF 0.0124 0.0132 0.0127

Update date: 2023-03-26 05:25:31

These exchange rates are informative and valid only by reference to the local currency (Lei), respectively at the official rate of the NBR. Exchange rates displayed may change at any time during the day. To opperate a foreign exchange transaction, we advise you to contact any Patria Bank branch or contact Call Center at 0800 410 310 (free of charge from all national networks). The exchange rates displayed on this site can not be interpreted as being ferm quotations from Patria Bank.

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