About the Patria Bank vision in brief

“Patria of Good Deeds” supports people, ideas and projects aimed to support Romania’s growth.

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Patria Bank supports and invests in projects that foster the development of the Romanian society in the following areas: 

Social and Education: The ”Patria of Good Deeds” and ”România creşte din interior” (”Romania Grows from Within”) are the two platforms for social and financial education projects which we intend to develop, especially in rural areas. 


Environment: We take it as our responsibility to make sure that the way we do business is environmentally-friendly; we know that meaningful change starts from within and that is the reason why we support practices meant to cut fuel, energy and paper consumption and we recycle.


Health care: Although we are always on the move, we need sports and healthy practices to maintain our balance. In ”Patria Sănătoasă” (“Healthy Patria”) we support actions dedicated to health care and well-being.


Culture: In Patria Talentelor” (“Patria of Talents”) we celebrate genuine Romanian values and especially the things that awaken our passion and creativity.
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