Partnership between Patria Bank and ”Creștem România Împreună” (We Grow Romania Together) Association

The ”Creștem România Împreună” Association and Patria Bank share common values inspired by traditions and communities.

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The ”Creștem România Împreună” Association

The”Creștem România Împreună” Association and Patria Bank share common values inspired by traditions and communities. Consequently, signing a strategic partnership with the association, based on trust and dedication to local producers, was a natural step to take.

Patria Bank supports the projects of the association as it has the capacity to help and meet the economic, social and financial needs of local producers.

The ”Creștem România Ȋmpreună” Association was born from a need in the Romanian society. Its main goal is to promote and support the social, cultural, economic and professional rights and interests of Romanian citizens living in Romania and abroad.

The association believes in Romania and in our capacity to become better and it is guided by the same values as Patria Bank: Integrity, Responsibility and Involvement in society.

The association team intends to restore normalcy in the communities in which it works, through the projects it develops there.

Projects of the ”Creștem România Împreună” Association supported by Patria Bank

We believe in Romania and we believe that the association projects help Patria Bank achieve its mission to bring normalcy in Romanian communities and to bring urban communities closer to rural ones.

Below are some of the association projects:

Mall Țărănesc
Farmers’ On-line Mall: a unique initiative in Romania that brings together over three hundred and twenty Romanian agricultural producers in an on-line shop. The project stands out not only thanks to its nature, but also thanks to its objectives:
  • To create the necessary infrastructure to create links between genuine producers and the urban market

  • To bring together genuine producers who preserve age-old traditions and to create the biggest ”on-line shopping mall ” of traditional hand-made and food products

  • To help Romanian local producers sell their products and become visible on a highly competitive market

Adoptă un țăran
Adopt a farmer: Romania has something that other countries have lost a long time ago: large areas of authentic farmer civilization, which foreigners appreciate very much whereas we don’t.
  • This project intends to maintain, preserve and also transmit to future generations Romanian traditional values by supporting and encouraging Romanian farmers. In other words, the project builds a bridge connecting two Romanias that coexist nowadays; it links the almost forgotten rural areas and the very dynamic and exuberant urban areas while encouraging the local economy.

Agapă cu meșteșug
Feast with Handicrafts: consists of a series of local events that bring together Romanian craftsmen and producers in an ambiance in which presentations about traditional households, farming and life in the countryside bring us closer to our roots. The presentations add color to the events and at the same time they aim at infusing a sense of belonging and creating memorable experiences. At the end of these events, participants leave with the feeling that they have also learnt something new.

Ora verde
The Green Hour: education for a greener healthier environment and a responsible attitude. The Green Hour targets all, but especially children and it uses specific methods to make Romania cleaner, greener and more responsible.


You can learn more about other projects of the ”Creștem România Împreună” Association and become a volunteer on the website: 

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