Patria Bank Shares

Information about the share price and evolution at the Bucharest Stock Exchange. 

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Patria Bank Shares

Patria Bank is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Premium Category. Its ticker symbol is PBK. Below are the main parameters of Patria Bank shares on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Price per share (latest price) 0.0855 lei/share (0.00%)

Market capitalization 280,338,629.15 lei

Total number of shares 3,278,814,376

Nominal value 0.1000 lei/acțiune

Share capital 327,881,437.60 lei

The latest update of the Stock Exchange information was on 2023-06-01 21:03:21.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For details please see the Patria Bank profile on the Bucharest Stock Exchange website



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